Address Spiritual Heritage Education Network Inc.
408 Tamarack Drive
Waterloo,ON N2L 4G6
Phone (519) 884-2351
Directors Dr. Shiv Talwar
Dr. Kuruvila Zachariah
Dr. Raj Dubey
Dr. H. K. Kesavan
Courses Meditation for Better Living
Theory and Practice
Course schedule Course is given in 36 or fewer hours to suit individual group
Course Venue Venue to suit individual group needs.

Capabilities enhanced with regular meditation

  • The very root of judgment, character and will
  • Enhancing this faculty is education par excellence
Sense Withdrawal Cognitive control is significantly enhanced
Thoughts and Cognition Deep calm in meditation slows the flow of incessant thought permitting:

  • Calm ad clear awareness
  • Relief from thought identification
  • Thought recognition and substitution
  • Awareness of depths of psyche usually obscured by thought
  • Clarity of awareness maintained continually
  • Ever present wakefulness
  • Lucidity becomes a permanent trait
Emotional Intelligence Emotional rebalancing with:

  • Ability to distinguish the vital from trivia
  • Freedom from negative emotions
  • Cultivation of positive emotions
  • Reduced anxiety, hostility and depression
  • Unconditional love, compassion, and joy
Equanimity Experience provocative stimuli with minimal psychological disturbance

  • Serenity
  • Balanced outlook
  • Even mindedness
Moral Maturity
  • Instruction in morality show limited gains
  • Moral maturity is required for mediation
  • Sensitivity to  the price of immorality
  • Reduced immoral urges