Dialogue: Raquel Ríos and Shiv D. TalwarTalwarTranscensory Education: Expanding our Understanding of IntelligencePeace Prayer.

Peace Prayer

Recited by Grand Master Lee at the opening ceremony in the General Assembly of the United Nations on August 28, 2000.

Glimpses of our Spiritual Heritage

Quotes from spiritual literature illustrating our concept of spiritual heritage of humankind.

What is Spirituality

Needs And Goals of Human Life

Bill Blackmore explores the meaning of spirituality in the context of needs and goals of human life.

Meditations on Parenting

M. Darrol Bryant presents a discourse on parenting, and nurture.

Rearing Children in a Culture of Peace

Dr. Joanna Santa Barbara discusses the role of toys in the moral development of a child.


H.K. Kesavan presents duty as an end in itself rather than means to an end.

Respect for religion

H.K. Kesavan asserts the need for respect for other religions. Religion should foster unity rather than division amongst humankind.

On Yoga Philosophy

Shiv Talwar describes yoga philosophy briefly. This philosophy predates sage Patanjali who compiled it in the form of aphorisms.

Spirituality & Ethics

Shiv Talwar studies the relationship between spirituality and ethics.

Spirituality & Peace

Rajendra Dubey presents his views on how peace can be achieved by following spiritual principles of faith and reason.

Some Block Diagrams

Shiv Talwar  diagrams some metaphysical concepts.

Manifestation: Indicates how the One Universal Principle manifests as diverse beings.

Dissolution: Indicates how diverse beings dissolve into the One Universal Principle.

Animal: Indicates how animal behavior is motivated .

Human: Indicates how human behavior is motivated .

Human Development: Presents a process of human development.

Means of self development: Suggested means for self development.

SHEN Status Report as of Feb 2010SHEN Status Report as of Feb 2009Round TripCherise Wyneken presents reflections on her spiritual journey and rebellion.Two Faces of Religion

Shiv Talwar talks about two faces of religion – one unites and the other divides, urging us to choose the only the uniting face.

Moral Values and Spirituality

Shiv Talwar argues that moral education should be based on core spirituality in order to build coherent pluralistic communities.

Healing, Genes and Food

Dr. Dean Ornish talks about important issues in human health

What’s Wrong With Our Food

Mark Bittman talks about what’s wrong with the way we eat

Charter for Compassion

Karen Armstrong’s appeal build a Charter for Compassion to help restore the Golden Rule as the central global religious doctrine

Science and Spirituality: A Hindu Perspective

H.K. Kesavan offers a pdf version of his book to all visitors of this site. Hard copy may be ordered by clicking here or here.

The Way to Ultimate Meaning in the Mystical Theology of St. John of the Cross

By Larry Cooley, St. Paul’s College, Winnipeg, Canada

Dialogical Humanity

M. Darrol Bryant presents a contemporary philosophical argument that grounds humanity in the Ultimate.

The Ultimate Reality and Meaning of Samkhya

Shiv Talwar  presents an article he published in the Journal of Ultimate Reality and Meaning.  Samkhya is one of the six schools of thought about intelligibility and meaning of life with their origins in the vedas.

Seeing and Seeing

Sehdev Kumar studies how seers using eye of contemplation understand themselves and their relationship with god and the universe.

Environmental Ethics

David Seljak studies the problem of Environmental ethics from the Roman Catholic point of view.

Holistic Framework for Ethics

Shiv Talwar focuses on an ontological model of human nature highlighting the origin of the moral predicament and ethical development of human beings.


H.K. Kesavan presents a study of ethics from a “bottom up” approach.

Dr. Albert Schweitzer

Mona Negoita presents a brief account of Dr. Schweitzer and some of his words of wisdom.

On The Essence Of Gita

Rajendra Dubey  presents the essence of the philosophy of the Bhagvad Gita. It describes a way of stress free and blissful living.

A Dialogue

Richard Payette presents an excerpt from his novel entitled, Your Neighbor. This excerpt is a dialogue between two friends in which they explore some spiritual questions.

Yoga: Attainment of Ultimate Reality and Meaning

Shiv Talwar  presents an article he published in the Journal of Ultimate Reality and Meaning.  Yoga is one of the six vedic schools of thought about contemplation and its

The Golden RuleA short video of Barrack Obama Stroke of InsightA powerful story of Jill Bolte Taylor’s experience of how our brains define us and connect us to the world and to one anotherCell Animation

David Bolinsky presents  the bustling life inside a cell

Avoid Ageing

Aubrey de Grey argues that aging is merely an avoidable disease

Journey to the Centre of Your Mind

Neurologist V.S. Ramachandran looks deep into the brain’s most basic mechanisms.

An appreciation of Jalaluddin Rumi by Steven Henson in recognition of UNESCO declaring 2007 in honor of the great mystical poet and spiritual teacher

Conference Presentation by Shiv Talwar

Blog entitled Globalization of Human Mind by Shiv Talwar.

Hurricane Hits England

An example of Grade School teaching of human spirituality

If You Forget Me by Pablo Neruda

Great poem about unconditional love

As One

A poem about Mother Earth.

Song of Creation

J.Muir’s translation from the Rigveda.

Abou Ben Adhem

Poem by James Henry Leigh Hunt

The Blind Men and The Elephant

Poem by John Godfrey Saxe

The Turkey and The Ant

Poem by J. Gay

The Nightingale And The Glowworm

Poem by William Cowper

The Pond

Poem by Jane Taylor

Lunch with God

A short heart warming story.

Polotinus’ Advice In “Hamlet”

Poem by William Shakespeare

The Pineapple And The Bee

Poem by William Cowper

On His Blindness

Poem by John Milton


In this short story, Shiv Talwar illustrates to grand-daughter, Natasha, how one human spirit can touch another.

Prayers at a Wedding

Hendrik Hart eloquently expresses his feelings in prayer exemplifying unity of human spirit.

The Toys

Poem by C.K.D. Patmore

Some Nuggets

Interesting and uplifting thoughts in prose and poetry from various sources.

Even This Will Pass Away

Poem by Theodore Tilten

The Blind Men And The Elephant

Poem by John Godfrey Saxe

The Olive Tree

Poem by S. Baring-Gould

The Mountain And The Squirrel

Poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Salutation The The Dawn

A poem by India’s famous dramatist, Kalidasa.